Business Insurance

When starting a business, individuals should consider that they can be liable for clients/patrons/customers injuries that occur from their products, services, or on their premise. If someone sues you for an eye infection as a makeup artist, for example, it is your responsibility to have insurance to protect yourself and your business in that instance. Or if you are a painter and accidentally damage a client.

Why you need Business Insurance

Being a business owner comes along with many responsibilities and one of those important factors includes managing the many things that can go wrong within your company on a daily basis. Business insurance, covers many different aspects a business would need coverage for. For example business insurance can help your business in the following situations:

  • Protects against loss or damage to the business location and its contents.
  • Protects your business if it would be sued.
  • Builders Risk

  • Coverage of business vehicles used
  • Coverage of employee injuries on the job.
  • Covers your business in case there is an interruption of business.

Ed’s Insurance Agency’s experts can go over your business model and let you know about all the different business insurance plans and how each kind works for you best. There are many types of business insurance programs that can cover you no matter what type of business you are in. Here are some of the most popular business insurance programs.

Every business may require different coverages; depending on the nature of the business’ activities. If you speak with our Commercial/Business specialist, Eddy Fabre, he can guide you to make the best coverage decisions for your business insurance.

We are dedicated to both educating businesses how to grow in 2022 as well as providing established businesses the appropriate coverage for their business model.

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